Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So...I colored my locks...not so bad..

Well, actually... The only bad part was that I had so much slippage that it took my reti a whopping 6 HOURS!! It is what it is. Three extra hours for color... Hmmmm... Next time, I am letting a professional do it. Someone who works with locs. I won't be doing this on my own again. I am glad my loctian was able to repair them. When I color, I will go a tad bit lighter. You can't really see the color in the pics, but I do like it and it does add some zest to my locks.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So...I colored my locks...what have I done...??

Well... I did it... I dyed my hair. It's not to bright, and it's a change I suppose. I would like to see what it looks like once the sun hits it. Anyway... I did run into some problems. Problems that I wanted to avoid in the FIRST place, but it is what it is... So, here goes:

*Well, in my previous post, I posted a picture of some of my loose ends in the front. Well, they aren't so loose as they are bound together and kinda bunched. That's OK I guess because at least the hair is together. That's my way of rationalizing it I guess.

*My two-headed dragons now look like one lock. I thought about separating them, but then asked myself 'what's the point?' I guess all the color and washing bound those together too.

*My locks seemed to have shrunk a bit. I tried pulling them as best as I could, but I don't know. Seems like I lost some length.

*I had some slippage in various areas. This wasn't SO bad, and these were locks that were already in need of serious work and lucky for me my reti is on Friday. I hope my loctitian won't be too mad with me. I may have to pay her for extra time to fix the front portion of my locks.

Overall, I am not sure how I feel about what I just did. There is no easy fix for me as I don't know how to fix bunching and this has made me realize that I really need to consider taking the class. However, does the class teach you how to take locks down and re-install them? I don't think so.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I twisted and rolled my hair in lock loops and I hope the results give me some relief. I mean, my fiancé doesn't think it looks any differently, but it's my hair so I notice everything. Oh well.. My reti can't get here fast enough.

Loose hair

Do any of you have issues with the front section of your locks? What I mean is, since I pressed my hair so much, the front section suffered the most so the kink is basically loose at the ends. Then again, I wonder if it's due to the ends not being interlocked enough during my install. Point is, I am tired of looking at them, and while I have the cylindrical locks in the back, these just don't look uniformed. What do I do? Is this fixable? Should I keep doing as I have been doing and snip at the ends every so many months? They don't look as bad when I roll them, but when I want to free-style, well you can imagine my angst. These bad boys will never have the balls at the end, so I know for a fact they won't be locking.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HELP!! Questions about Color, Limp Locs, and Shampoo/Conditioner

OK… I am giving in. I am now ready to color my hair. Any suggestions on brands? Any tips? Should I color before I get my next reti or should I wait until after? How many boxes? I don’t want to ‘lift’ my hair color by adding bleach so what brand will give me the most vibrance?

I am just tired of this dull shade of brown that I have been blessed with. I thought about going jet black to achieve the ‘full and thick’ effect.

Also, are any of you having issues with limp locs? Seems like some days my hair is just limp and the EO spritz I made doesn’t seem to help. I am still trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that will give my hair life and cleanse at the same time. I can’t use V05 or Suave too much because it causes my scalp to become dry. A friend of mine said that she likes the Jamaican Lime products, but I don’t know. Help…!!!