Monday, March 28, 2011

Organics by Africa's Leave-In Liquid Hair Mayonnaise product review

It has been a min since I did a product review and mainly because I have been really going the simple route in regards to taking care of my locks. However, I have noticed that my locks have been terribly thirsty and my EOs were not working. I also recently colored my hair and I know the key is to make sure your locks get plenty of love and moisture. I wanted to try Dewdrops mayo-protein recipe, but I needed something that I could use on a daily basis.

So anyway, my hubby had Organic's Hair Mayo Leave In treatment in the bathroom, so I gave it a try. OMG... my dry and brittle ends that seemed to want to pop off are LOVING me now. My locks are feeling sooo much better. It is an instant repair and I just feel like they are alive. I also applied it to my scalp as well so that I could feed the new growth. It's a really lite liquid and it's not heavy AT ALL. It's not creamy and it's nothing you have to rub in or anything. It's as if the locks instantly soak up the solution. To apply, I just added a dab to my hand, and worked it from my roots to the end and just squeezed to make sure that my locks were saturated. I actually use this when I do the twist outs. My crinkles are holding and this is even after a workout. I even sat in the sauna. I figured using this in place of holding mousse would be much better, and it is. So far so good for me and have been using it for a week. Check it out and if you do, let me know what you guys think.

Here is the Amazon link:

Friday, March 25, 2011

What is it going to take to become a 'Red' head??

Why is it so hard for me to go ‘red’?

I have gone to get my hair dyed twice PROFESSIONALLY since I have had sisterlocks and I can't seem to get that 'red' going. Do you guys think I would need to have my hair lifted? I so don't want to do that. I went to get my hair dyed today and my stylist and I just KNEW we had the color we wanted… After being rinsed out, nothing compared to what we thought we would see. I am disappointed because it’s almost as if it’s not meant to be. We were BOTH stumped. So, for any of you who have dyed your hair, and it looks similar to the picture of my hair with the color application on AFTER being washed out, please tell me what you did. We are supposed to try it again on the 16th, but something is telling me that it might be too soon to do that. I don’t know. Help :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow... it's been two years..

Seems like it has been a bit longer. Nonetheless, I hit my two year mark, so I am expecting my hair growth to just take off at this point. I am still loving my hair, not doing much to it, and just letting it be. Anyway, here is a quick shot. Hope you guys are doing well!