Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have become obssesed with my hair. What fellow SLocker hasn't? I still love that I made the choice to get SLs, BUT now that I have them, I wish that I would have NEVER gotten my hair pressed soooo many times. I do not have a perm, but I have to treat the 'pressed' ends as such. I thought, 'OK, I don't have a perm, so I am still natural... Riiight, well my hair is no longer as thick or kinky as it used to be so I am having to go through the motions. Not only that, my hair is uneven so I don't wear it down just yet. I wish I had not pressed my hair :( Oh well, it takes time to heal so the journey continues....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More pictures

So far still so good. I am going to make this short, but I must say that I am still LOVING my hair. I can't wait for my hair to start maturing and growing. I will say it's a bit itchy, but I will just have to deal with that since I can't wash it. Anyway, my 1 month anniversay is coming up on April 13th. Wonder what it will look like then....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally got the SLs installed!

OK, it is now March 17, 2009, and I have officially had my Sisterlocks for 2 days. It took a period of 3 days, and it was well worth the wait. Like everyone else with SLs, I love them. The ONLY thing I don’t like is the waiting period that I have to go through towards them being thicker, and covering the spaces of the parts. I am going to try not to wash them for as long as I can to prevent slippage and to help them loc faster, but I have to keep it moisturized so hopefully I won’t get all that unsightly build up.

I wish I had discovered this new ‘freedom’ a long time ago, but instead I kept pressing my natural hair. I am feeling the pain now because a lot of my ends, more than I thought actually, are particularly straight. I am not going to worry about it though because at this juncture it is what it is, and I have nothing but time, and in time my hair will return back to its natural thickness and curls. Other than that, I know I made the best decision, and pretty soon I will have lengthy SLs because at least I can say my hair grows like grass.

On a side note, I am also going to start taking better care of my body internally. I have taken the first steps to taking better care of my hair, now I need to include my temple. Valencia, my SL sister and loctitian, spoke with me about how she is using a juicer to curb her sweet tooth and help with overall health. It’s really not a bad idea, and I could use more vitamins and minerals in my diet. Let me also say that I was blessed to meet Valencia in so many ways. We have a wonderful connection and I agree with her in that it is important to have a good vibe with the person who is in your hair, especially for 3 days! Valencia is a perfectionist, and I know I have a ton of locs in my hair. I will be counting them this week some time. Check her out at http://reelnaturalcrowns4glory.com/.

Well, it’s time for me to go back to work. I will be updating this blog monthly. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look in a year.

Here are some pictures, and you can click on them for the actual size:

SL installation
Sisterlock installation

Sisterlock installation


SL week 1