Thursday, May 28, 2009

Caruso Steam Curlers

I am officially going to invest in the Caruso Curlers. I need something else, another style, something... I could free-style it, but I miss having some kind of curl or shape, and the Lock Loops produce such a tight curl. I am ready to wear my hair down more but my hair is sooo uneven in the back. I am opting out of puting a curling iron to my locs. How do you ladies like the Caruso's if you have them? I have seen so many diff takes on them. Well, the flat hair doesn't look so bad here...just hanging... I guess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 hours till my 29th..

*Sigh* so it begins.... My last year in my 20s... I am not really trippin' it, but I have been feeling a bit maternal. I want kids and I do not have any as of yet. When is there a 'right' time? Is there ever one? What do you mothers out there think? Of course I'd like to get married first, and we both want to do that before hand, but even after that, what is a good time? Can you ever plan for something like that? Nothing ever turns out the way you thought it would does it?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2nd Retightening update

Just a quick note. I suck at blogging as of late. I do more reading and commenting on others and I fail to maintain my Anyway, not much has changed EXCEPT for the fact that my loctitian, who I LOVE SOO MUCH, was able to grab and loc my middle section that use to be tooo small to grab. I am soo happy that I don't have any loose hair up there! Now I can really tell if it's growing or not when I go for my 3rd retightening... Love you V!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now I feel much better...

Since starting my journey to Sisterlocks, I have constantly searched and searched for different ways people have started their locs be it ALL natural, permed, permanently pressed ends, and so on. I use to kick myself in the butt when I would see people who started with the same kinky hair I use to have. I, like many people, fell into the pressing trap and I paid for it, sort of. Some of my strands are all straight, some are not, some are just right. This of course caused me to have a bit of what they call 'loc-envy' because my hair is not as THICK as it use to be. Not the ends anyway. Well, what's done is done, and lately I am finding more and more people who started the same way I did. My middle section is doing what I want it to do. Now time for the front to follow...