Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Questions...

OK my dear locsters, if anyone has a really, and I mean REALLY good clarifying shampoo, please tell me. Since I work out and sweat A LOT in my head, I am wondering if that is what is contributing to my seemingly always dirty scalp. I never had this problem before my workout became so intense. I have tried my old reliables and it is not working for me.

Question two, what do you think would be a good shampoo to rinse paint out of locs? I am going to a HUGE paint party next weekend where they throw paint all over you and I just need to be prepared. The locks aren't getting under a swim cap. I guess I could try and find a really tight loc sock? Thoughts?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yeah, it's me. I need to do better by my blog, but being a new wife, working, and just enjoying life, I have just not been the little blogger that I use to be. Nothing new to report really (that line sounds so cliche), but my locks are doing their thing and GROWING. Here are a couple of pics I took recently... Anywho, stay loved and stay locked!