Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time is counting down, and the Big Day is near!

I am so anxious these days. My wedding day is coming up in February, and although I have everything taken care of, I still don't know how I am wearing my hair. Soooo, my stylist and I are going to play around with some styles each time I get my hair done. I am not even sure if I want the traditional veil. Where could I find some nice sisterlock updos to look at? I mean, I have looked all over. I guess I will combine different things I like from various styles to create the ultimate hair do.. Oh well... we shall see... And now for the pic. Totally random, well not really.. It's from my bridal shower last week. I was so feeling the love :) This is me and my dear mother...

My new hair style...

I have a new consultant! One stop shop for color, styling, and reties.
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The only issue is that since my hair is still in that in between phase I need a lot of pins.