Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey SL Sisters... This is really for the newbies... Are you guys experiencing budding? Are your ends sealing? I am experiencing a lot of it! I am glad to see it as that is a sign that these babies are on there way! Seems like right afte my vacation and a good wash, I really started to see those pea-pod balls at the end. I thought that since my hair was so soft that it would takie a while. Could this mean that I will be able to actually get color in a year??? *Crossing fingers...*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Venting...

Although I didn't get to actually hear the President’s speech, I did have an opportunity to read it (at just the right time I might add because I feel some kind of low), and I will say that this was a great message for adults of ALL walks of life. I really feel sorry for those individuals that have nothing better to do other than attack the leader of our country for trying to motivate our children. Some of these kids, and I bet a lot of kids, don't ever get to hear an encouraging word. Some parents don’t have time to even take 5 minutes out of their time because they are busy trying to make a living, put food on the table, keep the lights on, and so on. It's a really sad day. I read the speech in its entirety, and I could not find any cryptic messages at all.

Again…what's the big deal? I can' wait to hear/read the reasons. I am sure some bored individual(s) will twist it all up to find one. What is all the madness really about? Is it that loss from the election?? Stop being such a sore loser and chalk it up and support the message! The election is over… over…oveeeeeeer. I feel sorry for parents who actually TOOK THE TIME (finally, even though a lot of them don’t attend the PTAs) to take off work and keep their kids out of school, but yet you wonder why Timmy’s ass skipped school to go shop lifting and smoke out…ROCK ON DUDE! I guess what really makes me angry is that the state of affairs ‘at home’ is at an all time low. People are mentally, physically, and emotionally breaking down… IT IS HARD out here even if you have a job. It’s hard to look to the future and still believe what your parents use to tell you, “You can be whatever you want to be.” I am asking myself, really? It’s tough… I know I needed to hear/read the message. I need ALL THE ENCOURAGEMET I can get right now. Seems like a lot of time is being wasted, and I tell you this, I am all for freedom of speech, but I feel like Free Radio needs some checks and balances because these Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s of radio are really out of control. The real issues are not being talked about and it really grinds my gears. That’s my gripe for the day…

…and if you didn’t get to hear it, read it here:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just curious

Are any of you experiencing bunched ends? If so, do you opt to keep them as they are, or do you try to correct them? I have read where some SLers embrace it and others try to fix it. What are your thoughts on that? Also, do you know what caused your ends to bunch? Initially, this was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to become a DIYer because I was not sure if I could remedy the situation, and I thought I would cause my hair to bunch or I would mess something up. I am going back and forth about learning now though. I don’t know….So many things to think about…

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I think I am on to something...

I have been trying to play it pretty safe with my Sisterlocks, and so far so good. Now that I am approaching the 6th month, I am becoming less scared about trying different things. Part of the reason for this new confidence is that I don’t really experience a lot of the horror stories that I read about prior to having Sisterlocks. My main concern was slippage. I did have some; like 7 locks in all the months that I have had locks, and they were basically in my kitchen. I did combine a couple along the edges, but that is perfectly natural. All in all, I have not had any real problems.

Since I have become more comfortable with my locks, I have started to explore different products, well really, different shampoos. I have never used the Sisterlock shampoo, and I didn’t wash my hair a whole lot mainly because I was trying not to over wash my hair to avoid slippage. I use Dr. Bronner’s when I need it, but I found something even better. The only reason I even started looking is because while on vacation, and not having a swim-cap, I got a lot of sand in my hair due to the fact that I was trying to sit pretty and wasn’t paying attention to the massive wave that was coming my way. Another story for another time…LOL. So anyway, since then, my hair has had a lot of build up and a lot of sand particles. Dr. Bronner was not cutting it AT ALL. I needed something fast; Labor Day weekend is coming and I do not have time to wait on shipping. So, what did I do? I did my research and read that a lot of fellow SL’ers opt to use a basic clarifying shampoo. Makes sense. So, I went to my local CVS, got the V05 Lime and Kiwi Clarifying Shampoo for 99 cents and I went to work. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. My hair does not feel hard, my scalp is clean, no slippage, and the locs are bouncy. Can’t beat it. I also found that blow drying my locks helps to conceal those hideous white root balls. It’s like I don’t even see them. For a while, I had been simply rolling my hair while damp, now I blow dry and then roll. My hair turns out better this way too.

I really feel like I am on to something and I am happy that I am able to find things that work for me without costing me my first born! It’s not that I don’t want to spend the money, but it seems like the more I read blogs online, I am finding that a lot of SL’ers are finding products that work just as good without spending CRAZY amounts.

One thing that I will check out is the Nappy Locs Sea Salt spray OR I may just make my own. I was drawn to this since my hair seems to be doing even better since being drenched in the ocean water. Here is the product description:

A premium Sea Salt Spray with citrus essential oils and hyssop essential oil. Great for all hair types especially curly and straight types. Lightly spray locs and rub into hair. Hyssop is used in Ghana to remove excess oils and reduce the time it takes for locs to mature.

I also found this on a forum interestingly enough:

Interesting, huh?