Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today was reti day... wow, I can really tell my hair is growing! Happy, yes! The pic in the black shirt I took last week. I was too lazy to rearrange the photos ;-)


  1. Your hair looks nice, very nice! :)
    Right now, I am taking "forever" to retighten my hair. *click name for my blog updates*

    Take Care~

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! How did you achieve that style? A braid-out?

  3. @Queenlocks, Thanks for the compliment! I will be checking in on you to see your progress

    @ Terez, This was achieved with a good old fashion braid out and foam wrap lotion

    @Loc'd, My consultant is Nneka Otim. My husband actually bumped into her and found her for me. She is awesome!

  4. Your locs have grown so much and they look so beautiful!